Friday, April 1, 2011

Movies: Limitless

"No one man should have all that power; the clocks ticking I just count the hours".

I really enjoyed this movie. It wasn't perfect in any sense, but if you like your thoughts provoked then it is a must see. For whatever reason, I tend to draw biblical references and themes from most movies these days; so just try to follow where I'm coming from.


- Knowledge is Power
- Too much knowledge/power is dangerous
- Nothing too good lasts forever
- Lack of self-motivation
- Dependency
- Perfection
- Good vs. Evil
- Greed

And the list goes on.........

The pill allowed him to access 100% of his brain, thus giving the capacity to store new knowledge and recall forgotten memories; as well as think situations fully through. Anyone can do this if they concentrate hard enough, right? Well, the difference is the pill allowed all of this immediately.

Now here goes my religious interpretation.........

Without spoiling the movie, the pill represents Religion. His dependency on the drug was his faith. When the medication wore off, he lost everything he gained and even became physically ill. As long as he had the pill in his life, everything was perfect. Living without the pill, was the difference between life and death.

At one point in the movie, he did something absolutely crazy which took a turn and for me and represented pure evil. After that, he seemed to have signed a deal with the devil. Although he was supposed to be off of the drug, his powers intensified and his character became extremely arrogant.

If you've seen this movie, do you think he was still on the drug at the end?

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