Monday, April 4, 2011

8920: Charm City!!!

Over the past week, I've been testing out some jewelry ideas. My better half fell in love with the idea of a charm bracelet and immediately started telling his friends. Within days, we've sold enough to start taking this little idea to the next level. Now, because I am a super tomboy, everything I construct in fashion has a masculine twist. I would like to market these charm bracelets as unisex, but I don't want to take the Y chromosome from my alpha-male clients. So, I'll keep it black and white (men and women).

This bracelet collection is called Good and Evil. The bracelets are all a mix of black onyx and include your choice of one charm; a skull or a cross. Any custom orders including color and extra charms will be an additional charge.

For right now, the base price of the bracelet is $35 and includes a toggle closure. For sales inquiries please contact me:

Below are just a few pictures of satisfied customers. These will be available for sale on-line at our store, so please stay tuned for more information!!

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