Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Story of Prorective Styling: Yarn Braids/ Genie Locs

Lately I've been bored with my hair. Even though I big chopped to about 6 inches, I miss my previous length. My heat damaged hair was a mess, but it still hung below my shoulders.

I thought if I added some highlights, I could get over my pity party. Being the punk that I am, I only used 20 volume developer, so my highlights are pretty non-existent (and not worthy of a photo).

Earlier this month, I had the bright idea of getting yarn braids. A good friend of mine is growing locs and she wears yarn braids to simulate the look while her hair grows. I THOUGHT they would look great on me and decided to give them a try. She did an amazing job, but I have now concluded that I need both length and volume. So I'm forced to wear them in limited styles which didn't help with my current dilemma. 

Although the yarn braids didn't cure my hair boredom, they are definitely protecting my hair and most importantly, keeping me out of it.   Stay tuned, I have a feeling I will do something drastic when I remove them.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

EARGASM: Odd Future (Frank Ocean) ft. Dave Raps "Swim Good"

Shout out to my reader Felix for sending me this track over a month ago. Sorry, I took so long to post it. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Curl Envy: Rachael True

My first introduction to Rachel True's mane was in the 1996 witchcraft thriller, The Craft.  I still remain envious of her copper colored locks.  Although Half and Half was a great sitcom featuring another curly girl (sometimes), Essence Atkins,  I can tell you the main reason I watched the show was to get a glimpse of their hair.