Thursday, February 3, 2011

Curl Envy: A Different World Edition

I love A Different World, and I still watch this show faithfully like it never ended.  I don't care if I've seen an episode 100 times, my eyes are glued to the TV like it just premiered.

As I look back, I can't believe it only lasted 6 years.  I feel like I was robbed. I liked The Cosby Show, but A Different World had to be the most dope spin-off of all time.  My favorite season would have to be when the world was introduced to Miss "Kinu Owens"; Whitley was so freaking vulnerable and I absolutely loved it.

Not only was I raised by this show, it sort of started my lust for big hair.  I know I talk about hair a lot and I won't stop...SORRY.  I watch certain commercials just to see glimpses of big hair; it's my strange addiction.  Anyway, enough about me, check out some of my favorite heads of hair from the show (Cree Summer, Jasmine Guy, and Lisa Bonet).

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