About Me

I am a designer, a makeup artist, and the child of a Steely Dan obsessed musician.  I attended and graduated from Philadelphia University and earned my degree in Fashion Apparel Management.  Despite my keen fashion sense, and a wardrobe that boasts a versatile/eclectic mix of classic and vintage apparel, it is not uncommon to FREQUENTLY catch me in jeans and my trademark white v-neck tee.  A tom-boy at heart, makeup artist by trade, and self-proclaimed "music extraordinaire", I also have an extreme fondness (bordering on obsession) for hair.  Not to mention, I am a licensed cosmetologist. 

Instead of living out my dreams after graduation, I took the easy way out and excepted a promotion at the job I worked during college.  Although the high-end retail cosmetic industry is near and dear to my heart, I had to break the complacency.  I also had to find new cosmetic options because there was no way I could replenish my beauty "must haves" without a discount!!

So, sit back, relax and take a journey with me as I change career paths, review products, music, movies, and let my hair grow to my feet (LOL).