Monday, January 24, 2011

Movies: No Strings Attached

This movie is going into my romantic comedy hall of fame!  I laughed like shit and cried like a damn baby.  Oh, and whoever did the music in the film is genius.  Hello, opening scene:  Color Me Badd's classic "I Wanna Sex You Up", what!  Then, the mariachi band playing the Pussy Cat Doll's "Don't Cha" and let me not forget the folk rock band playing Jay-Z's "99 problems".  There were so many unexpected EARGASMs throughout.

On the surface the movie was about sex, but it was deeper than that for me.  It also reversed most "friends with benefits" scenarios.  Usually, it's the women who are left wanting more, but this movie sure did turn the tables.  That was refreshing to watch; I'm sure a lot of men will like that as well!

Overall, I thought the movie was great and a must see (if you like romantic comedies).  Natalie Portman's character reminded me of myself; the typical unaffectionate girl that refuses to get hurt, so she walks around with a hard exterior like nothing affects her when in fact, it does.  It made me realize that I need to get it together before I end up alone!

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