Friday, March 4, 2011

Curl Envy: "Sister, Sister" edition

I loved Sister, Sister.  I used to watch this show faithfully every week, but then they moved the show to the WB (Warner Bros.)  When the WB first launched, Baltimore was not in the market, so I would have to go to my Grandmother's house (no cable) and play with the antenna to pick up the WB in Washington D.C.

By this time, Tia and Tamera ditched their curls for a straight, sleek, grown-up look (I suppose).    The straight hair was just as beautiful as their curls, but once they went straight you rarely saw them with their curls again.  Over the years, I've seen Tamera's curls a few times.  Nevertheless, I miss my curly twins.

Sidenote:  Remember when the WB was dubbed the "black station", then came operation CW and all the shows disappeared...smh!

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