Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Baltimore Natural Hair Expo

I attended the Baltimore Natural Haircare Expo 2011 on Saturday March 26th.  It was great to see some of my Youtube vloggers, learn about new products and natural salons in the area.  More than anything, it was great to see so many fellow naturals!!

I did enjoy myself, but next year there needs to be some changes.  First, the space was way too small.  It wasn't the sort of venue where you could maneuver a detour around this person and that person to get through.  You had to literally stop and let people walk by and jump out in to traffic at your own risk.  This aspect was a major turn off and is the sole reason why I only stayed for 35 minutes.

I'm no natural hair guru, but I'm a 9 year veteran, so there is nothing new out there that I haven't seen or haven't read about. So, I was somewhat bored.  I do think a newer natural would've appreciated the event a little more and could've stood the heavy foot traffic a little longer than me. 

Although it was all about hair, I was more intrigued by the jewelry and accessories.  So much so that I spent my entire frugal budget within 15 minutes.  I wanted to get some Ivy Charlaine jewelry, but I'd already spent all of my cash.  I knew she had a website and the prices were pretty much the same, so it was ok. 

Overall, I left with some earrings I could've made myself, another pair of earrings that looked like they were from the beauty supply store upon further inspection, and some shea butter.  Did this frugalista just waste some money?  I think so.................SMH!!  Nevertheless, I have no regrets at all; I'm glad I went and I enjoyed the little time spent with one of my dearest friends and fellow natural.

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