Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Hair: 2011 Hair Goals

Me with one of my head wraps

According to a friend of mine, "your hair better be down to your butt, because you're always doing it".  Although that would be nice and it is a long-term goal of mine, let's be a little more realistic.  By the end of the year, I hope that my longest stretched layer is APL (Arm-pit length). I think this is attainable and now that I have my new styling method down to a science I'm going to tweak my regimen to make sure that I retain most of my length.

I'll be coming up on my 9 year natural anniversary in July.  It's very disappointing that it's taken me 3 BCs and 2 heat damage setbacks to finally take my hair seriously forever.  I've had healthy hair spurts for a year or 2 and then become vain or try to please a man who'd rather see my hair straight (side-eye).  I guess you can say that I've learned my lesson; because look what pleasing other people got me.

As of right now, this is my regimen:

***Every step is done in 4 sections***

Shampoo:  twice a month (bi-weekly) using any Sulfate-free shampoo

Co-Wash:  twice a month (bi-weekly) using EO Lemon Verbena Essentials Clarifying Formula Conditioner or Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Invigorating Conditioner

Condition:  after each shampoo I deep condition with Aussie Moist 3-minute Miracle or Garnier Frutis 3-Minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment

Detangling: I detangle during co-washing and conditioning with the Ouidad Double Detangler

Leave In ConditionerKinky Curly's Knot Today with a kick also known as the Kimmaytube Leave-In
  • 2 tablespoons of KCKT
  • 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera Juice
  • 1 teaspoon of Castor Oil
  • 1 teaspoon of Jojoba Oil
Mix Well!!

Before I apply my leave-in, I absorb excess water with my microfiber hair turban.  For soft fluffy twists or a twist-outs, I apply Oyin Handmade's Hair Dew (I'll review later).  If I want a little extra hold I'll use Ouidad Climate Control Gel, when this is all gone, I'll try everyone's favorite Ecostyler Gel.

I section and brush through with my Denman brush and proceed with small-medium twists.  I usually air dry, but sometimes I utilize my Gold 'N' Hot bonnet dryer.  I usually untwist when dry, but sometimes I keep it twisted for days. At night, I apply my own whipped shea butter recipe and retwist in large sections and cover with a satin bonnet (and sleep as wild as I want to).  In the morning, I untwist and refresh with Oyin Handmade's Frank Juice and that's it!  My hair usually lasts until my next wash day; if not, I get out my head wraps and get my old school Erykah Badu on!

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