Friday, February 11, 2011

Frugalista: William Rast for Target Clearance

william rast for target lookbook Pictures, Images and PhotosWhen this collection released, I went to my local Target to check out the threads in person.  Unfortunately, my Target was late and it did not debut it on-time.  I went back later that week and got a good glimpse of the line and I thought it was nice.  There was nothing outstanding about it, but it was certainly "cute".

Yesterday, while on a mission at Target looking for Covergirl's answer to MAC's Ruby Woo red lipstick, my step dad picked up a leather jacket and said "is this lambskin?".  I quickly darted over to him and upon further inspection it was the infamous $200 William Rast for Target lambskin leather jacket that I apparently missed during my other visits.  Not only was the quality of this jacket exceptional, it was on CLEARANCE and it was my size.

I was afraid to put the jacket down.  I held it under my arm as I looked through my beloved boy's section and then cosmetics.  After searching relentlessly for Covergirl's Lip Perfection in Hot Passion (305), they didn't have it. had the lipstick cheapest at $5.99.  However, my Target (which I am learning is not so great) didn't have any of the Lip Perfection line at all.  I ended up getting it from Rite Aid for $7.19.  By the way, the lipstick is amazing and I'll have a review with pictures very soon.

So, what happened with the jacket?  I bought it..................

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