Thursday, January 13, 2011

Say Yes to Dress!!

Over the past few months I've been quite the insomniac, making my usual bedtime around 3am.  Sometime last week, after flipping channels for about an hour, I finally decided to watch TLC's Say Yes to the Dress.  I'm usually not a fan of wedding shows because of my unwillingness to elope.  Not to mention, I usually get irritated behind all the money spent on weddings anyway.  So, within the first 20 minutes of the show I'm already annoyed by the brides and their families, but I continue to watch because I am easily entertained.   During the last 10 minutes or so, they showed a P'nina Tornai gown and I fell in love.  For the first time ever I pictured myself in a wedding dress on my wedding day.

Everything about that gown was authentic Aja.  The next day, I google stalked the designers collections from 2008 to now and I was impressed.  For the first time ever I wanted to actually get married and have a real wedding.  For years, I've told friends and family that courthouse nuptials would do me just fine.  While that still may be the case, I want a dress, that dress to be exact.  Although I couldn't find pictures of the gown, this bodice below is almost identical.

I absolutely love this bodice!

The trumpet style silhouette is amazing!

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