Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Hair: Post BC

A lot of people have been asking to see pictures of my hair since I did my big chop 2 weeks ago.  I'm still getting used to it; my hair hasn't been this short in years.  However, I've been styling it short for the last six months to get accustomed to the length.  It feels so good to have all of my natural texture back and it's so much easier to deal with.  I'm in love all over again!

After my BC, my hair measured between 5.5 and 7 inches stretched.  That shortest section is definitely a cutting error on my part; I was trying to make sure all the damage was gone.  The difference between cutting heat damaged hair versus relaxed hair is the distinct line of demarcation.  There were several sections of my hair that were still curly, so it was hard to judge where my natural curl pattern began.  I'll even it out eventually, but no time soon. 

I can see where I cut too much length, oh well!

Another New Year's resolution was to start using products with better ingredients.  I've started, but after watching TLC's Extreme Couponing, I bought some of my old drugstore staples.   I justified this by repeating "they were on sale and I had coupons".  I have enough conditioner to last a full year, so I am on a personal challenge to not buy anymore conditioner for the rest of 2011.