Saturday, January 8, 2011

Movies: Black Swan

I haven't done a movie post in a long time and I am a little late with this review considering I saw the movie 2 weeks ago!  I am going to try and give a review without spoiling the movie, I guess.

There are so many dynamics to this movie, but for some reason I can't seem to get pass this one aspect. I think Natalie Portman deserves any nomination that she receives for her role as Nina Sayers. I absolutely loathed her character; there is something unattractive and off-putting about a weak, fragile, overly-sheltered adult that I can not stand! She captured this brilliantly! The irony is that most people would assume that this upbringing would be close to impossible in a city like New York.

Another strong message was the "suicide of the creative process". Yes, I just created the phrase, lol. When the first line in the job description is to be the best at what you do or else, the pressure never stops. For someone like Nina Sayers, it was enough to drive her insane. She had never stepped outside of her boundaries, both at work and at home.  In order to capture the role of the Black Swan she had to do just that. Darren Aronofsky did a great job at paralleling the progression of Nina to the actual ballet Swan Lake.  She was her own worst enemy and biggest competitor during the creative process.  In order to be the star, she had to kill the competition. 

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