Monday, October 18, 2010

Music: Whip your hair!!

I'm loving the Jackson Pollock reference!! Go Willow!!


  1. I saw this video fo the first time today and for some reason it inspired me. Maybe it was the creativity and innocenceof it. I absolutley love this song and video. We need some fresh new brown faces for our kids to look up to. I have heard the talk about her being too grown but I think she's perfect! People are so quick to judge but times have changed! Kids are wayyyyy too grown nowadays and forthe most part it's not going to change as long as they are looking up to grown artists who are not positive role models! You have to parent to the times and to the child. There is no standard rule book for parenting. If you are talking to your child about life and tends and people they will be much better off living in this crazy world! I'd rather my child listen to Willow as opposed to Niki any day and that's my few cents! Willow block the haters and keep doing you!

  2. I LOVE this video, like OS^ said, this little girl really is inspiring, she is going to go so far. I was so impressed by the video too, it was age appropriate and still really interesting at the same time. The producers and directors did a really good job. And Willow is so gorgeous, she is going to be a real heartbreaker once she gets older! lol

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  3. Yes, I love Willow! Great comments!